Clad in Plaid

Well, fall is coming to a close. The cold air that I was met with this morning only confirmed this fact. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and almost everyone on my street has all of their Christmas lights up. Winter is coming.

One of my favorite patterns to wear during the fall is plaid. It’s such a classic print and it has a scholastic feel to it. This year, however, I found that I hadn’t worn a lot of plaid. I wanted to make sure some of my fall apparel didn’t go unworn, so I took it upon myself to work some plaid into my ensembles before November is out.

Below are three plaid looks that I’ve worn in the past few days.


I worked all of Thanksgiving weekend. To say I was tired by Sunday night would be an understatement. This picture was taken on Sunday before I went in to work. I based my outfit around my red plaid vest, and went on from there. Considering  part of my uniform is to wear red, this choice was perfect.  It was a bit chilly, so I paired my top with a gray sweater. The sweater really brought out the accents in my vest. To round out the look I opted for classic blue jeans and black leather booties. I was happy with the look, although I wish I had worn different shoes. My feet were killing me after my shift!


On Monday, I settled for a hint of plaid . The weather was supposed to be north of 60 degrees, so I dressed accordingly. I wore my red tee with denim skinny jeans and my Sperrys. To add some flare to my outfit I put on my plaid scarf. It complimented the red very nicely and had some gold highlights that went with my shoes. The Monday after a break is never easy, but I was happy the sun was shining, even though the air wasn’t quite warm enough to my liking.

imageToday was freezing, so I brought out the turtleneck and the layers. My mom gave me this turtleneck tunic/dress last year and it has become a cold weather staple for me. However, the dress is short sleeved, so I had to put on my flannel. The flannel kept me warmer and added some much needed color to the outfit. I finished the outfit with some black leggings and camel-colored boots. At school during the cold months, I often cover up my outfit with a coat because even in the building I feel a chill. Today was no exception. Luckily for me, my coat actually complemented the rest of my outfit. Plaid is a fun print to work with, so it was cool experimenting with it for the last couple of days.

Although this fall has been crazy and stressful at points, it has also been fun and full of achievement.  I’m not ready for the long winter ahead, but I’m ready for Christmas, so that is something to look forward to. It’s so fun to dress for the holidays, look at all of the lights, and spend time with family, so I’m very excited.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is making it through this week unscathed!

Couturely Sound ❤



Camera Shy

It was so nice to wake up this morning knowing that I wouldn’t be back at school for another week. School can be stressful and tiring, so this break was much needed and well deserved.

Now that Thanksgiving break is here, it is finally starting to feel like the holiday season. No matter how old I get, I still feel excitement for this time of year, although the non stop Christmas music playing at my job is becoming slightly annoying…

The holidays season is an exciting time. Somehow the atmosphere seems warmer, and I love all of the food, festivities, and family.

When I got dressed today, some of my Christmas excitement poured into my choice of apparel.

I based my outfit around my striped, red sweater.


To add layers to my look, I decided to pair denim shorts and black leggings together. The shorts were my tribute to warm weather, as I’m a warm weather girl at heart, and the leggings allowed me to keep warm, although the weather wasn’t extremely chilly today.


I finished my outfit off with my tan booties and my black scarf. The booties offset the darker colors in the look.


When I was a little kid, I was very tall for my age and I was extremely extroverted and bubbly. My family always said that I should be a model when I grew up, and at the time, I thought so too. As it turns out, I was simply an early bloomer. Today, I stand at an average height. My personality has also changed significantly, so one could say that I definitely don’t want to be a model someday.

I actually really dislike taking pictures. Being behind a camera brings me a certain level of discomfort. Getting my senior pictures done this summer was a nightmare for me.  One might wonder why I have a blog if I don’t like taking pictures, and my answer to that would be is that I do it for the fashion.


I feel awkward behind a camera, and it shows. Today when my mom was taking these photos, she had to remind me to relax. Oh, how I wish I could.

In today’s world, the photo is king. A picture can be worth a million bucks. Due to social media among other mediums, we make a lot of judgements based off of pictures. People strive to perfect their Instagram feeds, or strive to post the perfect selfie, and I think it’s kind of exhausting to keep up with all of that. Pictures can be deceiving.  A lot of people feign happiness just by turning up the corners of their mouth with a smile. These instant snapshots don’t tell the whole story. I would hope that no one judged me off of my photos because sometimes they depict me as an awkward individual, and( most of the time) this simply isn’t true. That bubbly six year old still exists in me somewhere deep down…


Someday I’d like to pursue journalism. When I tell people this, they always ask if I’d ever take the broadcast journalism path, and I always tell them no. Print journalism will do for me. I’m just a little camera shy.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Couturely Sound ❤

Embracing the Mane

Writing has always been therapeutic for me, and this blog is kind of like a diary of sorts, so, welcome to my venting session…

I’ve always wanted to stand out, but I’ve never wanted to be a spectacle. Unfortunately, my hair hinders me from avoiding the attention that I try to escape.

My hair is big, extremely curly, and extremely hard to miss. My friends and peers can always spot me out in a crowd. “It’s the hair,” they always say.


It took me a while to come to terms with my natural texture, and to this day, my hair still presents challenges. Prior to my freshman year of high school, I often wore my hair straight. It was easier that way, and I looked like everyone else. There were no questions about my hair, or curious looks, or strange comments.


I can’t tell you how many times my hair has been described as “fun.” I’m not really sure what that means. It’s like calling someone “exotic.” Animals, far away places, and plants are exotic-not people. Hair can’t be “fun.” I don’t think that’s possible.

The other day, a girl stared at my hair intently before asking me how long it took me to curl it, as if I have a miniature curling iron that is able to produce thousands of curls. I can’t make this stuff up.


I can’t expect people to understand my hair texture when it’s something they have never come in contact with, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating when people observe it like a science project, or ask me really strange questions about it. As I said earlier, I don’t like to be a spectacle, and I definitely don’t like being constantly made aware of the fact that I’m different because I already know this.


Curly hair has a history of having a bad rep. We live in a world where straight hair reigns supreme. I read a few articles online that described situations where curly-haired women in the corporate world felt pressured to straighten their hair because their peers deemed their natural locks as “childish” and “unprofessional.” The situations in the articles were maddening to me because how can one be penalized for the hair that grows naturally out of their head? In the future, will I have to spend hours straightening my hair each week just to hold a job or gain respect from my contemporaries?I hope not.

Over the years, the curly hair community has grown so much, and I think it’s great. I like to see people being who they really are, and I prefer to be who I really am. It’s much less exhausting. I do like to straighten my hair occasionally because I like a change every now and then, but when I do, I don’t feel like myself. I straightened my hair for prom this year, and while it was nice, I couldn’t wait to go back to my curls.


Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, and everything in between is beautiful. Rather than holding one hair type in the highest regard, we should embrace them all.

The reception towards my hair isn’t all negative. A lot of it is actually really positive, but sometimes the strange comments and ignorant questions do bother me. Sometimes they are even hurtful.

I hope to one day live in a world where people are more educated about individuals that are different than they are. Maybe this will never happen, but even if it doesn’t, I’m still going to love and embrace my hair, despite its flaws.

I’m proud to be a curly girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Thanks for letting me vent,

Couturely Sound ❤

Turning Over a New Leaf

Last Monday, to my disdain, I woke up to thick fog and rain. It was exactly the type of weather I needed to put me in a cheery mood. Mondays are hard enough as it is, so the rain and cold made staying in my warm bed all the more tempting.

Fall has been in session for about a week now, but the weather still came as a shock to me.  The transition from summer to fall was abrupt. One day it was 80 degrees and sunny, and then the next day it was 40 degrees and cloudy. I had hoped the weather would ease into cooler temperatures, but that’s not how Colorado works.

I am happy to say that the clouds have finally lifted like they always do. It was so comforting to wake up this morning to sunlight peeking through my window. The vivid reds and yellows of the autumn leaves reflected  onto the walls of my room, and I finally felt like getting up for once. I finally felt motivated.

My mom wanted me to go to the grocery store with her, so I decided that  I would actually get dressed today, rather than staying in my sweats.


Inspired by the leaves outside of my house, I wanted to play around with the fall color schemes.  When I get dressed, I often first pick out a top or article of clothing  that I want to build my outfit around. Today, it was my mustard-colored top from American Eagle that acted as my base.


The next thing I thought about was contrast. I scoured through my closet and found my red flannel with green, orange, and yellow accents. It went perfectly with my yellow top.


I knew the weather was going to be warmer today, so I had a dilemma. Was I going to wear a skirt or jeans? I ended up opting for my boyfriend jeans because they’re just more functional, and they still account for the warmer weather.


As for shoes, I went with my trusty leather booties.


Fall has ever changing weather, so it’s always good to wear layers. My flannel made my outfit more versatile . If it were to get too chilly, I could keep it on. If it got too hot, I could easily take it off and wrap it around my waist, almost creating a new look altogether.



Lately, I haven’t been making good use of my time, and the cold weather lately has only perpetuated this. Procrastination and lack of motivation have been my Achilles heel, stealing my sleep and my sense of control. I realize that I should tackle each day with a purpose because our days are numbered. Once one passes by, I’ll never get it back. So today, I’m going to get stuff done, stay positive, and prepare for the new week ahead. I am going to turn over a new leaf.

Have a great Sunday!

Couturely Sound ❤

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” ~Psalm 118:24

Gossip Girl 10th Aniversary

Do you ever think back to a time or event and wish you could have been around for it? Or, at least a little older? I feel that way all of the time. Over the years, there have been so many great things circulating through our culture in the forms of entertainment, sports, and beyond.

There are a few moments in pop culture history that I wish I could have been, not only alive for, but more specifically, a teenager for.  Titanic is my favorite movie ever. It came out two years before I was even born, and I wish I could have been around when it first hit( no pun intended). There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been one of the rabid fan girls screaming for Leo DiCaprio. The Twilight series was a staple of my preteen years. I was the ultimate Twilight fan girl or, twihard if you will, but I often wish I could have been a teen during the height of its popularity. I could have gone to midnights, participated in fan events, and I would have had an even better understanding of the story. It would have been more relevant to my life, and besides, its always more fun to be a part of things when they are current. I’ve come to realize that so much of what I enjoy is after the fact, mostly due to being too young at the time these phenomena occured. Yeah, I can watch Titanic whenever I want, or read Twilight and watch the movies whenever I want, but it doesn’t hold the same excitement as it would if it were all happening right now when I’m 17 and not 7.

On that same token, Gossip Girl is one of those phenomena I wish I could have been a teen for. I mean, I watched it as a teen, but I wasnt a teen during its original run. It wasn’t until 2013, when I was 13, that I finally watched. Many of my peers started to watch too. We were only 6 years behind schedule, but can you blame us? Not exactly a show for second graders. Gossip Girl first premiered on this day in 2007. It came to a close in 2012. Thanks to Netflix, it still remains popular to this day. I wonder what it would have been like to be a teen back in 2007, watching Gossip Girl as I marveled at a keyboard on my cute little flip phone or checked MySpace. That’s the thing though. As our society changes, so does our pop culture. By the time I reached my teenage years, flip phones were obsolete, and on the show they were the main feature. Not exactly relatable as much as it was reminiscent of the past. I mean I had a flip phone( that I could only call on) at one point, but cell phones were not first introduced to me during my teens. I’m sure that was a very exciting time for people whenever phones started to first rule the world. I guess what I’m saying is, I would have loved to have been around for that ride as it was happening.

As I said before, Gossip Girl premiered in September of 2007. 10 whopping years ago. When I think of 2007, I don’t think “decade ago.” In a lot of ways, it feels like yesterday. Pretty crazy how time flies and how much things have changed. To celebrate,Gossip Girl’s 10th anniversary, I thought I’d showcase 10 of some of my favorite looks from the show because let’s be real-Blair and Serena, played by Leighton Meester and Blake Lively respectively, killed it every single episode. I mean could we expect anything less from New York’s elite? Introductions aside, here are my favorite ensembles from the iconic show.
These outfits have me singing if “If I was  a rich girl nananana….”


Why not start with the very first look viewers were ever exposed to? This photo was taken from the first episode of the show, the one where Serena(pictured above)  returns from boarding school to the shock, and maybe annoyance, of all of her peers in the Upper East Side. I love this look because she looks so cosmopolitan. The contrast between the brown jacket and the black and white stripes is perfect, and I love the neck scarf. It’s a nice touch. It’s a simple look, but it’s oh so stylish.


Blair(pictured above) was an extremely flawed character, but her style never disappointed. She was the master of preppy girl chic, totally owning her role as a New York elite . If you know me, you know I love ponchos, so it should be to no surprise that I adore this look. The pop of yellow throughout the outfit is a nice touch, and I love that the ensemble was styled with burgundy heels. The contrast is everything.


The Upper East Siders were  at events or parties non stop. Such occasions call for the best fashion had to offer , and Serena always killed it in her party dresses . This dress stands out to me because of the print and the cut. The pearls add some sophistication to the look as well, making Serena really look the part of the socialite that she is.


More yellow from Blair and I love it! This looks is so flirty and sweet. I love the bright colors, the prints, and the accents.


Ponchos, peeptoes, and a Chanel bag for the win!


Serena rocked this poncho dress! It is so cute, so polished, and perfect for fall. I love the contrast of the ensemble with the brown booties, and the tights are a perfect addition.


So classy, so fabulous, and the purse just pops.


I am just loving the colors in this outfit. The plumbs and the greens are so pleasing to the eye. The shoes are killer , and the cut of the dress is perfect. I need this dress, and the purse….and the shoes.


I love the simplicity of this look and the super cute headband. I never see people wearing headbands like that anymore! The plumb color is beautiful, and this dress would be perfect for a party!


Olive green heels with gold bottoms? Yes, please! This look is so gorgeous and perfect for spring time. The statement necklace, the soft prints, the blazer…I need it all.

Gossip Girl was a very entertaining show, even though it was somewhat toxic and pretty unrealistic( I mean c’mon all of the characters, who were high school aged, never once got ID checked when they frequented clubs and bars). Serena and Blair, frenemies to the end, made a lot of bad decisions, but at least they looked good while doing it!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Gossip Girl! There is no denying the impact it has had on popular culture. Maybe I enjoyed it late, but I’m glad I got to enjoy it all.

P.S. I still can’t get over who gossip girl was hahahaha.


Couturely Sound

The Best Looks From New York Fashion Week 2017

September means a lot of things to me. It signifies the arrival of fall, the start of football season, and of course, the return of New York Fashion Week.

This year, there were so many stunning looks sent down the runway, but there were a collection of ensembles that really made a statement in my mind. Without further ado, I present to you( in no particular order) the best looks from New York Fashion Week.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

Luca Tombolini /

Despite Oscar de la Renta’s death in October of 2014, his fashion house has continued to prosper, producing some of the world’s most beautiful gowns. I saw this look as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and my mouth actually dropped. I don’t know if it was the fullness of the tulle skirt or the vibrant orange ombre, but I completely fell in love with this look. The model looks like a fiery princess. I love fashion that evokes fantasy, and this look does all of that and more.

Marchesa Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Luca Tombolini /

Like Oscar de la Renta, Marchessa also dabbles in gowns. Their spring collection for 2018 was whimsical and feminine with lots of airy fabric and floral embroidery. However, the look pictured up above was an exception to this pattern, which is why it stood out to me. I love this look because it looks expensive, as if someone important would wear it. It’s chic, polished, and reminiscent of something Chanel would put out. Some might think the fringe details are a little excessive, but I think that’s the point. It’s supposed to be over the top. Also, fashion never goes wrong when it goes neutral. The beige/ champagne color is classy and timeless.

Reem Acra Spring 2018 Ready-to Wear

Courtesy of Reem Acra

There is so much to say about this look, that I don’t even know where to start. First off, this dress is extremely well made. The tailoring is clean and polished, the skirt is full and balanced, and the waist line is nicely cinched. The metallic quality to this piece is stunning. It shines, it glows, it radiates-who wouldn’t want to wear this? The pairing of the gold with the pink is absolutely beautiful. If I had the money to afford this dress, I would envision myself wearing this look to a fancy tea or brunch.

J. Mendel Spring 2018 Ready-to -Wear

Courtesy of J.Mendel

If you are an individual that is a fan of Gossip Girl, then you are probably subconsciously familiar with J. Mendel. After all, many of his looks were worn by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester on the show. So, it is no surprise that his entire  Spring 2018 collection was beautiful. I loved the colors that he went with, such as the burnt pink of the dress pictured above. The white organic polka dots are a very nice touch. They look as if they were painted on to the fabric, making the look that much more intricate. I think what  I like most about this look is that it is wearable and looks like something the everyday person could wear. J. Mendel is an artist, and this dress was his canvas.

J. Mendel Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Courtesy of J. Mendel

J. Mendel delivered on yet another ensemble. This look is so classy, so feminine, and so vivacious. The coloring is beautiful, the tailoring is top notch, and the layering is pristine. I also love a good paint suit. This is an A+.

Oh, look, more from J. Mendel. I know it may look like I’m going in that direction, but I promise I’m not about to post the entire collection.

Courtesy of J. Mendel

The material on this is like a cloud. The colors are so soft and pretty. Heart. Eyes.


Courtesy of J. Mendel

Classy and fabulous. That is all.

Courtesy of J. Mendel

Beautiful colors-again-and the model looks like a warrior princess.

Courtesy of J. Mendel

This is, grudgingly, the last look I’m sharing from J. Mendel’s immaculate collection. The layers, the airy fabric, the soft color scheme,  and the delicate beading at the bust makes this dress everything.

Zac Posen Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Courtesy of Zac Posen

This ensemble simply showcases Zac Posen doing Zac Posen things. The Project Runway judge does not disappoint with this playful dress and all of its delicate details. Love this look and all of its depth.

Alexander Wang Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Yannis Vlamos /

As I’ve progressed through this post, I realized that most of my favorite looks have been dresses, but that trend stops here. I adore this look from Alexander Wang. It’s sporty, edgy, and cool. The asymmetry  of the top, the color contrast, the mixed mediums of the pants, and the details really take the cake. I like to feel cool in whatever I’m wearing. A look like this would make me feel just that.

I just love fashion. Seeing such great looks from these talented designers makes me so excited about where the industry is going.

Happy New York Fashion Week!

Until next year,

Couturely Sound ❤

All Denim Everything

It’s crazy to think that August is nearing its end. School has been in session for a couple of weeks now, and I’m finally getting back into a routine-sort of. I’ve been so busy, which is good and bad. I like to be occupied, but sometimes I feel as if there isn’t enough time in the day. I’m hoping things will slow down soon, but if not, I’ll just have to speed up.

The end of August does not only mark the (almost) end of summer, but it also marks the end of denim month in the fashion world. August is typically when most magazines release their “denim issues,” and there is something about blue jeans that reminds me of the start of the school year. Last July, I compiled various denim looks together in one post to provide some inspiration for August, but this year I wore some denim looks of my own.

All throughout August, I took snaps of my denim looks whenever I could. All of my looks are down below, so let’s get started.


My denim jeggings from American Eagle are becoming a staple for me. They are super versatile and comfortable, which is an added plus.


With my jeans, I wore my purple tie-dye adidas, and my green flowy blouse. Though simple, I found the look to be pretty stylish.


I built this look around my white frilly blouse from Charlotte Russe. I got the blouse off the clearance rack, so it was quite the steal. I love the shape of this blouse because it created layers in my outfit. Since my top had a flare, I thought it would look super cute with some denim shorts. For extra contrast, I wore my dark brown sandals. I loved how flirty, girly, and summery this look was.


Nothing celebrates denim month more than a denim romper. I love this romper because it’s cute and playful. I wanted to add some color to my outfit, and I get chilly throughout the day, so I layered my romper with a pink flannel. To complement the pink and the navy blue tones, I wore my beige sandals from American Eagle. I was really happy with how this outfit turned out.


The day that this picture was taken I had to work. At JCPenney, we are required to wear a red top and denim bottoms on the weekends. I get pretty bored with this combination, so I try my best to add some flare to my uniform. On this particular day, I added my black vest and my black, studded Sam Edelman shoes that my god mom got for me a couple years ago( shout out to Brandi). I stayed within dress code, but I also showcased  my personality. It was a win-win.

imageBoyfriend jeans are my favorite! I’ve been wearing them for a few years now, and I love wearing them with sneakers or slip on shoes like my Sperrys. Boyfriend jeans give off such a cool and laid back vibe, but they are still really stylish. My jeans and my red top are all from American Eagle-go figure( if you haven’t  realized it yet, AE is my favorite store). I wanted to accessorize a little bit so I wore my simple, silver necklace. On this day, I felt comfortable and cool.


The boot cut jean is not only perfect with a nice pair of boots, but really any shoe with a lift. I typically save my boot cut jeans for fall, but I thought it would be fun to cheat and wear them a little earlier. With my jeans, I wore my white cami from Charlotte Russe with a green bomber from AE. As for shoes, I wore my brown sandals. I loved the earthy color scheme of this outfit. Over the years, I’ve favored neutral color schemes because they never fail me.


I took this picture today. I didn’t have time to take a full body photo because, ya know, life, but I was happy I managed to get this shot. I had to work today, so the red and the denim came back out. Wanting to spice up my uniform, I didn’t go with the traditional denim jeans, opting instead for a jean skirt. I love jean skirts. They are so playful, and I remember wearing them a lot as a little kid. Who else remembers skorts? I used to wear denim skorts all the time too hahaha. I wore a knit vest with my skirt and red top to add some dimension.  I complemented my outfit with my Sperrys.

I love denim because it’s classic and simple. A lot of people love their sweats, but I think a great pair of jeans are just as comfortable. Denim is timeless, having remained cool across several decades. I’m glad the fashion world takes a month to celebrate it.

It was fun compiling this denim lookbook for you! Fall is coming soon, so enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

Have a great rest of your August.

Couturely Sound ❤