Two Years and Counting

Today, my blog turns two. On a Friday night back in 2016, Couturely Sound launched, and I haven’t looked back. My blog has helped me grow as a person as well as a writer and thinker, and it is one of the endeavors I am most proud of.

I remember I was in the car ranting to my mom about something one day, and she told me I should just write it all down on a blog and post some pictures of my outfits while I was at it. At first, I was reluctant, thinking that no one would care about what I was wearing or what I had to say, but I was wrong. My blog is still very small, but I’m thankful for the support I have received and my ever-growing traffic and audience. All of you who read  and follow my blog now can say that you were a Couturely Sound hipster before it became a ginormous site with millions of visitors (Just speaking my hopes into existence here!). Thanks again for a great two years. I look forward to blogging for many more!

I’m sure most of you clicked because you either wanted to hear my thoughts on something, or you wanted to see what I wore today, so I present to you the latter on this two year anniversary.

I had to work today, so I had to wear some variation of red. With that being said, my outfit wasn’t exactly the cutest, but it was the cutest I could be for work and for the unpredictable March weather.


Today, I was the lady in red. I wasn’t feeling jeans today, so I opted for some black leggings. When I’m in the stockrooms at my job, I often get chilly, so I wore this brown cardigan to keep me warm.


Looking nice and staying within dress code at my job is hard sometimes, but I manage.


As for accessories, I wore this cross necklace that my mom got me for Christmas. Not only is it pretty, but it acts as a reminder for me to keep the faith and my patience. Retail definitely tests my patience…


I can’t forget shoes. Ankle booties for the win.


The support I’ve gotten for my blog makes me smile this big. Thanks again for all of the support I’ve received during these two trips around the sun. I feel more inspired than ever to keep writing and creating content.

Here’s to spilling my guts for more years to come.

Couturely Sound ❤


February Fashion Diaries

Well, we’ve made it through the first week of February, and I must say, I’m very satisfied with the fast pace of this last week. My feelings about time often vacillate. Some days I wish time would stop, and other days I wish it would zip by.

February is one of my favorite months to dress for because of its color schemes and flirty aesthetic. Also, the weather isn’t quite as wintery ( for the most part). I look at it this way. February is one step closer to March. March means Spring Break, and Spring Break means my last lap to the end of the school year and the end of high school.

In honor of February fashion, I created little “diary entries” throughout the week that are right down below! Enjoy!

February 5th


On the first Monday in February, I wore this blush pink sweater. I got the sweater from Forever 21, and it remains one of the only things I own from there. I’m in love with its softness and gentle hue. When I was a kid, I loved pink, and as I grew older, I departed from it. However, I’ve taken a liking to pink again.

February 7th


To get myself over the Wednesday hump, I opted for a more relaxed look. I bought these Adidas sneakers right after Christmas time. What drew me to them was their lovely pink color. I think these shoes give off an athletic vibe, but they also manage to be stylish. The pullover sweater is comfortable and warm. It’s not quite the same pink as the shoes, but I’m not too matchy-matchy anyway. The vest was an extra touch for the look, but it also aided me in the cold weather. I think I may dress like this more often. I’m dressed up so much of the time that I forget about comfort. When my mom saw my outfit, she said I looked relaxed, and I liked the sound of that.

February 8th


I typically like to plan my outfits out for the week over the weekend so that I can save myself some time in the mornings, but sometimes the outfits I pick out don’t match my mood, don’t turn out like I hope, or require ironing when I’m too lazy to iron. This was one of those days, so I put on some jeans, grabbed one of the first sweaters I saw, and then put a scarf on to make it at least look like I tried. Funnily enough, the outfit turned out okay. It’s too bad that my coat covered it for most of the day.

February 9th


I’ve finally made it to Friday. I usually like to dress more casually on Fridays, but I had a test and a quiz, so I felt that I should look the part of a girl that is going to do well. I settled for a happy medium. Apart from my boots, my outfit was very comfortable, but it also looked put together. To spice up the look a bit, I wore some glasses.

Thanks for reading, and happy February!

Couturely Sound ❤

Winter Hues and Winter Blues

What feelings or images does the word “January” evoke in you? Do you think of the frigid cold, the barren landscape, the early darkness, and the prospect of four more long months of school, or is that just me?

This January has been very different from those in recent memory. Though each individual week seems to drag on, this first month of 2018 has flown by. In a few days, it will be February.

Winter hasn’t exactly come to Colorado either. I’m not saying it’s warm or anything like that, but the atmosphere is dry and (mostly) snowless. The weather has been very mild with the occasional freezing day. I’m not much a fan of cold weather, so I can’t complain about the warmer temperatures this year. However, I could use a few more snow days…

Each season, and sometimes even month, has its own set of hues and color schemes. So when I think of January, I think of cold, pale, and dark colors because that is what is reflected in nature. To be more specific, I think of blues, blacks, creams, purples, and the like.

I engineered this outfit keeping staple January colors in mind . I started my outfit off with this blue scarf and went on from there. This scarf was given to me by one of my neighbors a few years ago, and it has become a favorite of mine. It’s not the traditional scarf; it’s got kind of a western flare to it, which I think works.

Blog 1

I thought about what I should contrast the scarf with, so I went with a cream-colored knit top. I had the blue and pale tones, so all I needed was some sort of jacket or sweater to keep me warm( the weather may be mild, but not that mild), and pants of course. Pants are always good.

Blog 2

Initially I wanted to wear my green bomber jacket to play off of the blue and the cream, but I actually couldn’t find it, so I ended up completing my look with a cream leather jacket that my mom lets me use from time to time. I ended up liking how this turned out better. I usually love contrast, but the cream on cream I thought worked well.

Blog 3

I opted for some plain jeans and my leather booties as finishers.


If you ever want to add a little extra to your outfit, pair it up with an accessory like glasses.

blog 7

I don’t actually need glasses to see, but I like what they contribute from a fashion standpoint. (sorry to all of the people that actually need glasses. I don’t intend to mock your struggle). With that being said, I’ve  wanted to wear non prescription glasses for a long time. I’ve always thought they looked very cool and stylish, and just recently I finally got around to getting some. Glasses add a level of sophistication to any look, so I think I’ll keep them around for a while.


January is almost over, and we are almost 1/12 of the way through 2018. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun (doing mountains of homework, working, going to school, getting up at painful times in the morning…all the super fun stuff )! Anyway, peace out January. On to February and new color schemes of course!

Couturely Sound ❤

Holiday Lookbook 2017

The fact that Christmas is only five days away is crazy to think about. I feel like the holidays come faster with each passing year. Before we know it, 2018 will be here and a whole new year will be underway.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the family, the food, and of course the fashion. I’ve always been one that enjoys to dress festively, so this week I decided to get creative with my outfits even if I was just running errands or getting some last minute gifts. Dressing festively is fun, so I thought I’d share the fun with you all. Below are some holiday looks that I have snapped pictures of throughout the week. I present to you a holiday lookbook of sorts.

Colorado has been blessed with some relatively mild temperatures this week, so I was able to be pretty flexible with my looks. It’s just too bad that the cold is coming very soon….Luckily,Monday was one of the milder days, so I opted for jeans and a turtleneck. I saw no need for a coat or a jacket, which was nice because I always seem to drown my outfits out with a big coat during the frigid winter months.


To contrast with the dark tones of my sweater-Jean combo, I opted for my tan leather booties. This outfit wasn’t overtly festive, but I felt that it was a nice winter look that is perfect for this time of year.

imageAside from an early dentist appointment and some quick errands, I was a homebody for much of Tuesday, but I use any excuse to dress up. These red socks were gifted to me by one of my friends last year, and they are perfect for Christmas. Since the socks are kind of busy, I opted for solid colors so that too much wouldn’t be going on. There are black details in the socks, so I chose a black top with black leggings. The top I’m wearing in the picture is a sheer material and it feels very nice. I got it from Zara over the summer on clearance, so a quick tip is to shop for winter clothing out of season. That is the best way to get a deal! To complement the details in the socks more,and to warm up my look, I put on my knit scarf with white,black, and gray tones.

This outfit was also great for kicking back and watching movies all day, so that’s a plus.


Today was the warmest day of the week, so I decided to ditch the sweaters and scarves. I didn’t go too crazy though, dressing myself in a long-sleeved button down with denim jeans.


I chose this top specifically because of its vibrant red color, which is nice and festive.

image.jpegI was simple with my choice in shoes, opting to wear my black boots.

The holidays aren’t the same without a little sparkle, so I added some shine  to my look with some of my favorite ear climbers. They are hard to see, but I still felt like they completed my look.


I’m ready for Christmas, but I think im more excited for the new year to come. The future is bright!

I hope you all enjoy your families and pay it forward for the remainder of this holiday season!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!

Couturely Sound ❤


Clad in Plaid

Well, fall is coming to a close. The cold air that I was met with this morning only confirmed this fact. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and almost everyone on my street has all of their Christmas lights up. Winter is coming.

One of my favorite patterns to wear during the fall is plaid. It’s such a classic print and it has a scholastic feel to it. This year, however, I found that I hadn’t worn a lot of plaid. I wanted to make sure some of my fall apparel didn’t go unworn, so I took it upon myself to work some plaid into my ensembles before November is out.

Below are three plaid looks that I’ve worn in the past few days.


I worked all of Thanksgiving weekend. To say I was tired by Sunday night would be an understatement. This picture was taken on Sunday before I went in to work. I based my outfit around my red plaid vest, and went on from there. Considering  part of my uniform is to wear red, this choice was perfect.  It was a bit chilly, so I paired my top with a gray sweater. The sweater really brought out the accents in my vest. To round out the look I opted for classic blue jeans and black leather booties. I was happy with the look, although I wish I had worn different shoes. My feet were killing me after my shift!


On Monday, I settled for a hint of plaid . The weather was supposed to be north of 60 degrees, so I dressed accordingly. I wore my red tee with denim skinny jeans and my Sperrys. To add some flare to my outfit I put on my plaid scarf. It complimented the red very nicely and had some gold highlights that went with my shoes. The Monday after a break is never easy, but I was happy the sun was shining, even though the air wasn’t quite warm enough to my liking.

imageToday was freezing, so I brought out the turtleneck and the layers. My mom gave me this turtleneck tunic/dress last year and it has become a cold weather staple for me. However, the dress is short sleeved, so I had to put on my flannel. The flannel kept me warmer and added some much needed color to the outfit. I finished the outfit with some black leggings and camel-colored boots. At school during the cold months, I often cover up my outfit with a coat because even in the building I feel a chill. Today was no exception. Luckily for me, my coat actually complemented the rest of my outfit. Plaid is a fun print to work with, so it was cool experimenting with it for the last couple of days.

Although this fall has been crazy and stressful at points, it has also been fun and full of achievement.  I’m not ready for the long winter ahead, but I’m ready for Christmas, so that is something to look forward to. It’s so fun to dress for the holidays, look at all of the lights, and spend time with family, so I’m very excited.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is making it through this week unscathed!

Couturely Sound ❤


Embracing the Mane

Writing has always been therapeutic for me, and this blog is kind of like a diary of sorts, so, welcome to my venting session…

I’ve always wanted to stand out, but I’ve never wanted to be a spectacle. Unfortunately, my hair hinders me from avoiding the attention that I try to escape.

My hair is big, extremely curly, and extremely hard to miss. My friends and peers can always spot me out in a crowd. “It’s the hair,” they always say.


It took me a while to come to terms with my natural texture, and to this day, my hair still presents challenges. Prior to my freshman year of high school, I often wore my hair straight. It was easier that way, and I looked like everyone else. There were no questions about my hair, or curious looks, or strange comments.


I can’t tell you how many times my hair has been described as “fun.” I’m not really sure what that means. It’s like calling someone “exotic.” Animals, far away places, and plants are exotic-not people. Hair can’t be “fun.” I don’t think that’s possible.

The other day, a girl stared at my hair intently before asking me how long it took me to curl it, as if I have a miniature curling iron that is able to produce thousands of curls. I can’t make this stuff up.


I can’t expect people to understand my hair texture when it’s something they have never come in contact with, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating when people observe it like a science project, or ask me really strange questions about it. As I said earlier, I don’t like to be a spectacle, and I definitely don’t like being constantly made aware of the fact that I’m different because I already know this.


Curly hair has a history of having a bad rep. We live in a world where straight hair reigns supreme. I read a few articles online that described situations where curly-haired women in the corporate world felt pressured to straighten their hair because their peers deemed their natural locks as “childish” and “unprofessional.” The situations in the articles were maddening to me because how can one be penalized for the hair that grows naturally out of their head? In the future, will I have to spend hours straightening my hair each week just to hold a job or gain respect from my contemporaries?I hope not.

Over the years, the curly hair community has grown so much, and I think it’s great. I like to see people being who they really are, and I prefer to be who I really am. It’s much less exhausting. I do like to straighten my hair occasionally because I like a change every now and then, but when I do, I don’t feel like myself. I straightened my hair for prom this year, and while it was nice, I couldn’t wait to go back to my curls.


Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, and everything in between is beautiful. Rather than holding one hair type in the highest regard, we should embrace them all.

The reception towards my hair isn’t all negative. A lot of it is actually really positive, but sometimes the strange comments and ignorant questions do bother me. Sometimes they are even hurtful.

I hope to one day live in a world where people are more educated about individuals that are different than they are. Maybe this will never happen, but even if it doesn’t, I’m still going to love and embrace my hair, despite its flaws.

I’m proud to be a curly girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Thanks for letting me vent,

Couturely Sound ❤

Turning Over a New Leaf

Last Monday, to my disdain, I woke up to thick fog and rain. It was exactly the type of weather I needed to put me in a cheery mood. Mondays are hard enough as it is, so the rain and cold made staying in my warm bed all the more tempting.

Fall has been in session for about a week now, but the weather still came as a shock to me.  The transition from summer to fall was abrupt. One day it was 80 degrees and sunny, and then the next day it was 40 degrees and cloudy. I had hoped the weather would ease into cooler temperatures, but that’s not how Colorado works.

I am happy to say that the clouds have finally lifted like they always do. It was so comforting to wake up this morning to sunlight peeking through my window. The vivid reds and yellows of the autumn leaves reflected  onto the walls of my room, and I finally felt like getting up for once. I finally felt motivated.

My mom wanted me to go to the grocery store with her, so I decided that  I would actually get dressed today, rather than staying in my sweats.


Inspired by the leaves outside of my house, I wanted to play around with the fall color schemes.  When I get dressed, I often first pick out a top or article of clothing  that I want to build my outfit around. Today, it was my mustard-colored top from American Eagle that acted as my base.


The next thing I thought about was contrast. I scoured through my closet and found my red flannel with green, orange, and yellow accents. It went perfectly with my yellow top.


I knew the weather was going to be warmer today, so I had a dilemma. Was I going to wear a skirt or jeans? I ended up opting for my boyfriend jeans because they’re just more functional, and they still account for the warmer weather.


As for shoes, I went with my trusty leather booties.


Fall has ever changing weather, so it’s always good to wear layers. My flannel made my outfit more versatile . If it were to get too chilly, I could keep it on. If it got too hot, I could easily take it off and wrap it around my waist, almost creating a new look altogether.



Lately, I haven’t been making good use of my time, and the cold weather lately has only perpetuated this. Procrastination and lack of motivation have been my Achilles heel, stealing my sleep and my sense of control. I realize that I should tackle each day with a purpose because our days are numbered. Once one passes by, I’ll never get it back. So today, I’m going to get stuff done, stay positive, and prepare for the new week ahead. I am going to turn over a new leaf.

Have a great Sunday!

Couturely Sound ❤

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” ~Psalm 118:24