Why Today’s Movies Are a Snooze Fest

I think I’m beginning to sound more and more like an old lady each day. I’m a very nostalgic person, and I couldn’t really tell you why. Perhaps it’s because I attach special memories to the past or it’s because I had a skewed reality of the world and all its realities.

Nevertheless, I find myself often becoming frustrated with so many facets of today’s popular culture, reminiscing about the “good old days. ” Music, movies, TV, and even books just aren’t as interesting to me as they once were. Of course, there are anomalies to the trend. Not all of it is dull, unoriginal, and uninteresting, but most of it is. It becomes more pronounced with each passing year.

Over the weekend, me and a friend went to go see the new live-action adaption of Disney’s 1991 animated hit Beauty and the Beast. I’ve always liked the story, and I think its core themes are actually quite relevant. The film was enjoyable but that was to be expected. I mean it was a carbon copy of the animated version. Not exactly a new plot, but a different perspective. Basically, anyone that went to see it knew what they were getting. Maybe that’s what people want these days: to not be surprised.

Anyway, as my friend and I awaited the movie, we couldn’t help but notice that all of the previews were advertising sequels, reboots, or adaptations. There was not one preview showcasing a new movie, idea, script, or concept that no one has ever heard of. This is where I get frustrated. The movie industry has gotten incredibly lazy, but maybe its because they know consumers will most likely see movies they are familiar with. The argument is pretty circular. Either way, the industry makes billions a year, which is all they are concerned with anyway. Well, I am not most consumers and that is why I give maybe $20 to the movie industry–and that’s being generous–yearly. I love movies, but it is getting to a point that if you’ve seen one movie, you’ve seen them all, and that is soooo boring.


Here is a list of major movies that have been/ will be released in 2017:

Underworld:Blood Wars (sequel)


Split ( original script)


A Dog’s Purpose (based on a book)


Resident EvilThe Final Chapter ( I highly doubt it will actually be the final chapter)

Resident Evil

Rings (sequel to The Ring movies)


The Lego Batman Movie ( the concept of batman and legos aren’t new, but the script is)


Fifty Shades Darker (Double Offense-adaptation and sequel)

Fifty shades

Get Out (original script)

Get Out

Logan (another X-Men/ wolverine flick)


Kong: Scull Island (this one’s pretty obvious)


Beauty and the Beast (reboot/ adaptation of an old fairy tale )

Beauty and the Beast

Power Rangers (how many more movies and tv series do we need of this?!)

power rangers

Smurfs: The Lost Village( the world really does not need another smurfs movie)


The Fate of the Furious( Honestly, movie makers should have hung up the fast and the furious after Fast 7…)


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II (sequel and comic book adaption)


Alien: Covenant (sequel)


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (sequel, adaptation, and reboot with new actors and everything)


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Jack Sparrow is back…again)


Baywatch ( based on a TV series)


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie ( I read a couple of these books as a kid. They are stupidly ridiculous and I can’t believe they are making a movie out of it. There will most likely be a “second epic movie,” and a third, and a fourth.)

captain underpants

Wonder Woman ( adaptation of a DC comic)

wonder woman

The Mummy ( Reboot!)


Cars 3 ( well it has a number after the title…)


Transformers: The Last Knight ( the last Transformers film was bland and predictable enough to put anyone to sleep. This will probably do the same. The plot is probably as follows: there is a threat, a lot of things blow up, everything’s good until there is some new threat at the end that will set up the next film. You’re welcome.)


Despicable Me 3 ( No, no, no.)


Spider-man: Homecoming ( Fun Fact: Marvel is on their third actor playing Spider-man and New York City will most likely get destroyed or something)


Annabelle 2 ( There is a number after the title)


The Lego Ninjago Movie ( So not only do we get a lego batman movie, but a lego ninjago movie! The script is at least original though.)


Blade Runner 2049 ( pretty positive this is a sequel or reboot )


My Little Pony: The Movie ( crying at this point)


Insidious: Chapter 4 ( Time to get scared-a 4th time!)


Saw: Legacy ( What Legacy??)


Thor: Ragnarok ( Marvel is just pumping out sequel after sequel)


Paddington 2 ( There is a number!)


Justice League ( Because DC has to compete with Marvel’s Avengers)


Wonder ( Okay, I might actually go see this.. the book was great, but it’s still an adaptation. A review of the book is actually up on my blog)


Star Wars: The Last Jedi ( yeah. Another one.)

star wars

Jumanji ( Reboot)


Pitch Perfect 3 (Should have hung it up after the first one)

pitch perfect

I think all but two or so of the movies listed above are new concepts. So, there you have it. I’m sure most of you have seen some variation or earlier version of a lot of these films, so you’ve basically already seen them all. Not all movies are unoriginal, but the major blockbusters that most of us consume are. I’m not saying movie makers shouldn’t adapt books and comics into movies because they are great pieces of source material, but it is the over saturation of sequels and reboots that irk me. I’m really tired of people saying ” well everything has already been done.” Aren’t we more imaginative than that? 60% of the time sequels ruin their predecessors anyway.

On a more positive note, I’ve heard Logan, for instance, is really good. I thought Beauty and the Beast was good, and I will probably go see Wonder. The question is are these films good because they just are? Or are they successful because of the great sources they are derived from and mooching off of? I’m assuming the latter.

Movie makers: please be more imaginative.

Couturely Sound

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The Nicholas Sparks Formula

Most of us are familiar with Nicholas Sparks. You know the author of a prolific romance catalog who has had pretty much every one of his books adapted into a movie? Yeah, him. nicholas-sparks-blue

My mom used to be an avid reader of Sparks, so naturally she passed her books down to me, and I’ve bought a couple of my own along the way. I can’t lie; I own several of Sparks’s books and I’ve seen a lot of Sparks’s movie adaptions. I enjoy most of them even though they follow a formula and are very predictable.

Over winter break, I read his novel The Best of Me. Before I actually read the book, I read its summary. This is what it said:

In the spring of 1984, high school students Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole fell deeply, irrevocably in love. Though they were from opposite sides of the tracks, their love for one another seemed to defy the realities of life in the small town of Oriental, North Carolina. But as the summer of their senior year came to a close, unforeseen events would tear the young couple apart, setting them on radically divergent paths.

Now, twenty-five years later, Amanda and Dawson are summoned back to Oriental for the funeral of Tuck Hostetler, the mentor who once gave shelter to their high school romance. Neither has lived the life they imagined . . . and neither can forget the passionate first love that forever changed their lives. -via Nicholas Sparks

I had to stop for a minute once I read the summary. It sounded eerily similar to Sparks’s most notable work-you guessed it-The Notebook.


The whole star-crossed lovers get torn apart and then reunite was a central part of The Notebook and Sparks recycled this idea in The Best of Me. I eventually finished The Best of Me, but afterwards I couldn’t dismiss its clichés that are found in all of his books. With this discovery, I present to you the top 5 things found in almost every Nicholas Sparks book.

** Warning**  There are spoilers.

5. The Setting-Some Sleepy Town in North Carolina

I get it-Sparks lives in North Carolina so he feels connected to it, but does every single one of his books have to take place there?

The Last Song-Wrightsvile Beach, NC

The Notebook- New Bern, NC

The Best of Me- Oriental, NC

A Walk to Remember- Beaufort, NC

The list could go on and on….

4. Social/ Class Differences

Well, this one is pretty obvious. In The Notebook  Allie is rich and Noah is poor. Jamie is unpopular in A Walk to Remember and Landon is. Even in The Best of Me Dawson is from a dysfunctional family and Amanda is a local elite. There are so many more to name, but this will do.


3. Characters

Sparks’s characters are all eerily similar. The girls are usually fiery  blondes with green eyes(at least in the novels), and the guys are always, deep, brooding and rugged. Can we forget about Noah, the  man who built a house from the ground up with all of his “rippling muscles”? Or John(Dear John) the strong soldier? Or how about Logan (The Lucky One) who is also a soldier haunted by a dark past? I think what is most frustrating is that Spark’s elevates all of his leading men into something almost unrealistic. They do all of the right things, say all of the right words, and always look perfect. I mean how many men do you know that will actually write letters anymore?

2. Adultery

Okay this one is frustrating. Of course I always root for the characters to end up together but sometimes that means they cheat on their spouses in order to do so and that’s when I’m torn. Allie( The Notebook) straight up visits her ex lover Noah-just because- and soon it leads to her eventual choice to leave her fiance who happened to be very good to her. The Best of Me is the same-Amanda dances with Dawson, shares passionate kisses with him, and professes her undying love for him. I forgot to mention she was also married-with kids. The Choice is the same. Gabby and Travis both cheat on their significant others. So I guess what Sparks is trying to say is that adultery is justified as long as it is in the name of love! Why can’t he just have his characters break up/divorce their spouses and then pursue their epic romances?

1. Tragedy

I think any person familiar with Sparks expects to be crying by the end of his novels/movies because they always feature or end in tragedy. I have become almost desensitized. Sure, the endings are always sad, but as I have read more of his books they have nowhere near the impact they had before.

The Notebook-Allie gets Alzheimer’s disease and doesn’t remember Noah

A Walk to Remember- Jamie dies of leukemia( Okay, This one was pretty sad!)

The Last Song-Ronnie’s dad dies of cancer right after she reconnects with him( Also pretty sad!)

Dear John- Savannah’s husband Tim dies of lymphoma-(sad for Savannah, but in a way good for John)

The Best of Me-Dawson dies and it ends up being his heart that saves Amanda’s son’s life

Of course there are many more tragedies in his collection, and way more clichés, but I’ll stop there. At the end of the day Nicholas Sparks still publishes a bestseller every few years and his movies are successful at the box office. I still read and enjoy his books- most of them are better than a lot of stuff out there. He still manages to make me sad and long for that perfect romance and his writing isn’t bad. He’s a good author.

I guess what I’m saying is, Nicholas Sparks uses a lot of clichés but this is how he wins and why he is a millionaire and I am not.

Thanks for reading my rant of sorts! Hopefully you read a lot in 2017!

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Disney Channel Original Movies

Hey everyone! It’s been two weeks since I last posted. School just got really crazy. There was graduation and then graduation parties. I got sick and then it was finals week. It’s all over now though. The last of my finals was taken yesterday and it is officially summer vacation! My sophomore year was pretty long, so I’m going to cherish every moment this summer and make the most of it! Disney Channel is kicking off summer this Memorial Day weekend in probably the best way possible. In celebration of the channel’s 100th Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) they are having a movie marathon of all of the DCOM’s old and new. This marathon inspired me to compile a list of my top 10 favorite DCOMS. I used to LOVE watching these movies and I still enjoy them today. Let’s just say I recorded a few of the movies airing this weekend. 😉 Introductions aside, here is my list!

10. Lemonade Mouth (2011)

Lemonade Mouth was probably one of the last good DCOMs. It was honestly just a nice movie in every sense of the word. I really liked how all of the characters came from different family backgrounds and all had a different place in their school, but they came together to make music and make a cause. The plot was good and so was the music, so it made for a very enjoyable movie. It had a great lessons about friendship and standing up for what you believe in, and these lessons aren’t seen a lot these days.

9. Pixel Perfect (2004)

Pixel Perfect was a cool movie. It was about this guy who made a holographic girl to dance for his best friend’s band. For some reason, I find it really memorable and enjoyable. The concept is just so cool. The holographic girl causes a lot of issues because the best friend feels like the guy is starting to fall in love with the hologram because she’s “pixel perfect”. Honestly it was just a really fun movie that had lessons about fantasy versus reality and as a kid I really enjoyed it.

8. Stuck in the Suburbs (2004)

Stuck in the Suburbs was another great movie. It was just really fun. The main character Brittany and all of her soccer friends are obsessed with this singer named Jordan Cahill. A new girl named Natasha moves to their school and honestly doesn’t understand the fuss. Eventually Brittany, Natasha, and all of their friends go to one of Jordans’s video shoots ,and Brittany gets her cell phone (super awesome flip phone) mixed up with Jordan’s  phone. Because they have so much access to Jordan’s life, they mess around with it, and that’s what makes the movie funny. Imagine if you had your favorite celebrity’s phone! The whole movie is pretty much a chase to get the phones switched back, and Natasha and Brittany soon realize that Jordan’s life is just a product of what people want him to be; it isn’t who he really is. Everything works out in the end and it’s just a really cute movie. It has good friendship and individualism lessons. It also shows a girl actually appreciating surburbia. The outfits are extremely 2000s but that kind of adds to the charm 😉 I always loved this movie growing up.

7. The Even Stevens Movie (2003)

Most people know Even Stevens because of the TV show. The movie was just as great and it was really funny. The Stevens family win a “vacation” to this random island that doesn’t actually exist because really they are on a reality TV show! The writers of the show go to great lengths to make as much drama as possible and turn the family against each other. They even go so far as to have an actor act as if he is in love with Ren. Louis (played by Shia LaBeouf pre Transformers and pre craziness) is super funny and the circumstances surrounding the family make for great reality TV. They eventually find out they are on a show and it all ends on a good note. I have a lot of memories associated with this movie. My brothers and I used to watch it all the time, and I always think of that when I watch this.

6. Cadet Kelly (2002)

Cadet Kelly is such a classic DCOM starring Hilary Duff, one of Disney Channel’s pioneers (Lizzie McGuire anyone?). It follows Kelly who is a girly-girl being sent to her stepdad’s military school after her mom’s remarriage. The school is not for Kelly. She is a super girly city girl. Making the change from sparkles and glitter to buns and uniforms was not easy for her. She eventually learns the ropes but it’s not without mud and female beef on the way. She also gets pretty good at drill. It’s a cute little movie, and Hilary Duff was one of my favorite stars growing up so it  was always fun to watch.

5. The Cheetah Girls (2003)

The Cheetah Girls is yet another classic DCOM. It was one of Disney Channel’s first attempts at a musical movie and they succeeded. It was sassy and fun with catchy music and good lessons in friendship. The four friends come from different backgrounds but they love making music together. Raven was another one of my favorite stars growing up and she added her spunk to this movie.I still know the songs from this movie today!

4. You Wish! (2003)

I love You Wish‘s simplicity. It was such a sweet movie. It’s about this guy named Alex  who has been getting really annoyed with his little brother Stevie. He finds this magical coin, so he wishes that his brother was never born. He wakes up in an alternate universe. He has a nicer house. He’s popular with a girlfriend, and he’s a jock. He doesn’t have the same friends and his parents are workaholics. Since it is an alternate universe Stevie, now Terrance, is a child star on a TV show. Alex starts to miss Stevie and he later becomes friends with his alter ego Terrance. Alex tells Terrance that he is actually his brother Stevie so they set out to try and find the coin to set things right again. They don’t find the coin and Terrance has to go back to his life, as does Alex. Alex’s dad gives him some coins to cheer him up and one of them is the magic coin. I’ll let you try and guess the ending :). You Wish is a movie that I still remember and enjoy. It was so sweet and it made me appreciate my siblings, and taught the lesson of being careful what you wish for. It is definitely one of my all time favorite DCOMS.

3. Read it and Weep (2006)

I always loooooved Read it and Weep. I remeber when it first premiered I immediately loved it. For starters, it stars Danielle and Kay Panabaker, so I always thought that was cool. Anyway, the movie follows Jamie a girl who writes in a journal on her tablet. All of the people in her life are characters in this journal, or the characters are influenced by the people in her life. Her alter ego is Isabella “Is” who is a popular girl that zaps away all of her enemies, whom are influenced by Jamie’s real life rivals. Her journal is pretty much a creative telling of her life. Eventually her journal gets turned in by accident as an assignment in her English class. The journal goes on to win a writing contest and eventually becomes a bestseller. She goes on talk shows and appears at book signings. She also gets some popularity and attention from her crush that never seemed to notice her before. Jamie starts to get a big head and kind of neglects her friends. All of this happens while her and Is( her conscious) battle it out. Is wants her to be this “better” version of herself. Later on her classmates find out that the story is based on real people and they begins to hate her. Before a school dance Jamie tells Is who is boss and later makes things right with her friends. She also reveals that the book was her personal journal, never meant to be published. It ends on a good note.I’m a writer so I loved this movie so much growing up. It was fun and imaginative and of course Disney filled it with lessons. 🙂

2. High School Musical (2006)

High School Musical is so special. It is one of those movies that I will never forget. It is one of those movies I will talk to my kids about. It was so much bigger than Disney itself and was a revolutionary movie. I know adults who enjoyed it, and it’s still so relevant.So many musicals have followed that have never been able to match the allure and impact of High School Musical. It has a special place in my heart. I remember the day it premiered 10 years ago in 2006. I was  6 years old and I also happened to be grounded that night. 😦 There I was, six years old, super excited because of all of the movie’s promotion, and I couldn’t even watch it. It was kind of devastating. My older brother was watching it downstairs, so I would “get water” from the kitchen a lot. Haha. When I eventually did watch it I was in love. The music was so good and infectious. The characters were dynamic and the dance numbers were to die for. And let’s be real here, Zac Efron was that dude, and Vanessa Hudgens was everyone’s goals. The entire movie was high school goals. It made me want to go to high school, which was obviously a childish thing to think haha. It also taught kids not to follow the status quo. Troy was a basketball player and Gabriella was a smartie but they both loved to sing so they broke through those barriers. I love, love, love this movie so much. It was just so fun and kind of defined my childhood. I still know all of the words to this day and still annoy my parents in the process. You’re probably wondering why this is number 2 if I’m writing about it as if it were my best friend or something. You’ll understand when you see number 1. 🙂

  1. High School Musical 2 (2007)

The only movie that can surpass High School Musical and all that it created is its sequel. I have yet another memory of when this movie premiered. I went over to a friend’s house and kind of had a party. It was so fun. I really like High School Musical 2 because I felt like the music and the dance numbers were even better. I loved the country club plot, and there were good lessons about thinking of your future. I just loved this movie. It continued the legacy of the first movie. I would sing its praises more, but I feel the same way about the sequel as the original in that regard. The sequel just magnified that.It was just great and that is why it is my ALL TIME FAVORITE DCOM!

Honorable Mentions: Camp Rock (2008), Geek Charming (2011), Now You See It (2005)

Disney Channel really shaped my childhood. This sounds crazy but I looked forward to watching it everyday. It was such a fun place and it had great lessons that aren’t so present in its shows and movies today. It made my childhood magical and every time I watch these movies again it reminds me of that time and my excitement. Nostalgia is so bittersweet.

I hope all of you are kicking off your summer with a bang. Enjoy these videos of “Breaking Free” and “What Time is It?” as a gift from me to you 🙂


Couturely Sound ❤



Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures/ via imdb

Hi! Welcome to my first blog post.It’s been a while since I’ve been able to actually sit down and watch a movie. I happened to come across Titanic last night and decided to watch that. It was maybe my third or fourth time seeing the epic-romance-disaster film starring younger versions of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Like the previous times I had seen the film, I was a puddle of tears by the end of it. Few movies make me cry, so if they do, they’re pretty special. I think Titanic is one of my favorite movies. It held my attention for  its monster length of 3 and a half hours, and it’s definitely something I would watch several times over. It had themes that I find to be extremely relevant and gives us a glimpse into the ill-fated voyage.Introductions aside, here’s my analysis of James Cameron’s epic.

The Characters

Props to James Cameron for writing dynamic characters, and props to the actors for portraying them so wonderfully. Jack and Rose have so much depth that viewers feel like they know them.

Rose Dewitt Butaker (Kate Winslet)is one of the two main characters. She’s trapped in high society life and corsets;all problems women in 1912 had to deal with. Her mother is quite frankly a witch who only seems to be concerned with the material things. Rose is engaged to this horrible guy named Cal and she just wants to break free. Rose isn’t really like the people around her. She wants to have a smoke or a drink every now and then and there’s a sort of compassion and understanding to her. Winslet gave an emotive performance, and I think a lot of people could really sympathize, if not empathize, with Rose.

Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) is my favorite character in the film. He is so lively and adventurous. His optimism and free spirit is contagious. He’s one of those characters that you want to root for. Jack isn’t wealthy; he’s far from it. He’s a third class passenger on the Titanic, thanks to a ticket he won playing poker. Jack just has this air of freedom surrounding him. He loves life and he wants to “make it count”. DiCaprio, like Winslet did with Rose,gave Jack so much depth; he almost seemed like a real person. There is no doubt the depth of the characters made the ending that much harder.

The Themes

Many of Titanic’s themes cover issues of classicism. For example, Jack is a third class passenger and Rose is a first class passenger. The difference in classes is constantly pointed out by Cal and people like Rose’s mother. They don’t like Jack. In fact, they look at him like he’s the scum of the Earth, and it’s all because he’s poor. The high society people don’t appreciate the worth of the individual because they are so consumed with money and assets. There is such a lack of love among them. Exceptions to this are of course Rose and fellow passenger Molly Brown. That was one thing that constantly bothered me throughout the film. I think the main point the movie tried to make is that everyone has value from within. Jack actually loved Rose for who she was, and not because she would make great arm candy. In return, Rose loved Jack for the person he was. He had nothing to offer her (money wise), but yet he had everything (emotionally, etc.) In the end, we are all human, and no persons life is more important than the next’s.


The Tragic Ending

In case you’ve never seen Titanic, or you’re unfamiliar with the actual historical event, the ship sinks and chaos followed. Who knew a piece of ice could hold the fate of a ship load of people? As soon as I saw the iceberg, I had already lost it.Honestly these scenes were pretty upsetting. There were suicides, people drowning, getting shot, and being separated from loved ones. Oh yeah, and there were lifeboats for only few. Hmmmm…wonder who those few were (The rich). A lot of the captains and what not kept the “lesser” people from getting off the ship safely, and their part of the ship filled up with water first. A lot of people were so nonchalant about the situation. They didn’t take it seriously. There was such a lack of compassion during the crisis. There was one scene where Jack and Rose were stuck behind a gate, almost submerged in water, and a man, busy trying to save himself, wouldn’t unlock the gate. The things people do to survive…The wealthy people finally start to realize that they are just as human as everyone else. One of the men controlling the distribution of lifeboats told Cal, “You’re money can’t save you anymore than it can save me.” He was so right. In the end they were all doomed regardless because wealth or lack thereof doesn’t change one’s humanity.

Jack and Rose held on until the ship completely sunk. The waters of the North Atlantic were frigid. Jack found a plank for Rose to lay on, and thanks to buoyancy it couldn’t fit both of them. These were there last moments and Jack pretty much accepts that he is about to die, but not before he tells Rose to live in every sense of the word. Jack freezes to death. This was the single most tragic part of the movie. There were so many prospects of them being together after the Titanic, and all of that was gone. Jack didn’t deserve that fate; he had so much to offer and he loved life. There was so many things the couple would never get to do. Their romance was so short lived it’s unfair. And poor Rose. Losing someone you love has got to be excruciating, and I could feel her pain. She only ever had memories of him. My heart ached for Jack and the rest of the victims because they were robbed of life. Rose most likely died of old age at the end of the movie, and then reunites with Jack and heaven, but its still so tragic that they had to wait so long to be together….Though I wish he hadn’t, Jack had to die. How else would we have felt what a tragedy the sinking of the Titanic was if he hadn’t? The movie wasn’t real, but once again the depth of the characters made it seem so. Also, considering the Titanic actually existed, a situation like Jack and Rose’s very well could have happened. This is why Titanic is one of the few movies that makes me bawl like a baby.

Cultural Impact

What kind of pop culture blogger would I be if I didn’t discuss the movie’s impact? Titanic was nominated for a whopping 14 Academy Awards (Winning 11). It was the most expensive movie ever made at that time and it was the highest grossing film ever at that time. It caused “Leo mania”, something I probably would have taken part in if I was, you know, born. It was revolutionary, as the technology used in the film was very advanced. Teenage girls all around saw it multiple times and it reached to many audiences. If you didn’t like romance, you’d enjoy the disaster,and vice versa. People like to poke fun at Titanic a lot what with the whole “two people could have fit debate” and how often the two main characters say eachother’s names. However last time I checked, what scene is recreated in Instagram or Facebook posts around the world? The “I’m flying scene”. It’s seen across homecoming pics and couples cruises everywhere,as well as film and TV. Or how about the “I’m the king of the world line”? My point is Titanic is still so relevant and I think it’s wonderful, and beautiful, and tragic.The classic( yes, I said that) made me think about how powerful love is and how to accept and appreciate people for their worth. That’s pretty impactful.


Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures/ via imdb

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Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures/ via imdb


Thanks for reading!

“Never let go”,

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Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures/ via imdb