Songs That Make Me Feel Infinite

When I was in eighth grade, I read this novel by Stephen Chbosky called The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and it has since become my favorite book. I mean, it made me cry, and I even used a line from it as my senior quote.That's how moving it was. The movie was phenomenal too. … Continue reading Songs That Make Me Feel Infinite


Why ‘The Office’ Works

I am a little late to the party, but I have finally watched The Office (US) in its entirety, and this isn’t an unpopular opinion, but I thought it was excellent. The Office began in 2005 as a simple, American interpretation of Ricky Gervais’s UK sitcom of the same name. While the first season of … Continue reading Why ‘The Office’ Works

My Issues With Instagram Culture

Instagram culture, at least in the blogging or business sphere, kinda sucks. Being a content creator is like playing a game, and those that win are those that look the most inviting or have mastered the art of kissing up. Any business, company, blog, or special interest group needs to be on Instagram to reach … Continue reading My Issues With Instagram Culture

My Top 10 Paramore Songs + Paramore Albums Ranked

This morning I was scrolling through YouTube, and I was met with a pleasant surprise. Today, Paramore (one of my favorite artists and bands) released a music video for their song "Caught in the Middle," which was taken from their 2017 album After Laughter. This video made me realize three things: 1. The aesthetics … Continue reading My Top 10 Paramore Songs + Paramore Albums Ranked

My Top 10 Pixar Movies

In 1995, Pixar Animation Studios, a subsidiary of Disney, began a legacy that has since been unmatched by any of its contemporaries (I'm talking about you DreamWorks) with the release of Toy Story, the first computer-animated feature film. Since the release of Toy Story, Pixar has produced twenty feature films, generated billions of dollars, earned … Continue reading My Top 10 Pixar Movies