New Music Roundup 7/8/17


Happy Saturday! This week was pretty long and stressful. I’m so happy I conquered this week and all of its challenges. Maybe your week had challenges as well, so let’s celebrate the weekend with some music!

Here are 7 new tracks that I’m currently enjoying:

1. Lorde-“Perfect Places”

I recently reviewed Lorde’s new album Melodrama, and “Perfect Places” was one of the standouts. Its explosive chorus and honest lyrics have been playing in my head on repeat.

2. Paramore-Drake “Passionfruit” Cover


This cover manages to incorporate two things I love: Paramore and Drake’s song “Passionfruit,”which made my round up a couple of months ago. Whenever artist make the rounds and go to the bbc live lounge, I always get pretty excited because they always perform a cover. I would have never expected Paramore to cover a Drake song, but then again their sound has evolved quite a bit. I was so pleased by this unlikely cover.

3. Bryson Tiller- “Sorry Not Sorry”

Sometimes I love really biting lyrics that cut deep and aren’t even remotely nice. I think songs that have these types of lyrics are really honest. Such is the case with Tiller’s “Sorry Not Sorry.” The greatness doesn’t stop with his words though-the beat is also pretty sick. I know this song is a year old, but it’s new to me, so that’s why it’s on this list.

4. Childish Gambino-“Redbone”

I remember hearing “3005” a couple years ago, and it was a song that I enjoyed listening to. When I first heard “Redbone,” I never would have thought that the artist performing it was the same man behind “3005”-Childish Gambino. “Redbone” is a smooth jam, with raspy vocals and a throwback feel. I love jamming out to this track on car rides or when I’m just chilling.

5. Lorde-“Supercut”

Another track from Lorde’s Melodrama has made this list. “Supercut” is such a bop. The production is so full and polished. Lorde’s vocals are emotive, and the lyrics are-you guessed it-honest. I think Lorde is great for pop music. “Supercut” has all the makings of a great pop song, but it is so much smarter than most pop we hear today. It somehow manages to make you want to dance but also cry. Keep doing what you’re doing Lorde.

6. Coldplay- ” A L I E N S”

It’s funny because Coldplay are my favorite band, and probably artist, but they have never made my new music roundup up until this point. This is probably because they haven’t released new music since I started this series. “Aliens” is a brilliant track, not only sonically, but thematically. The music is urgent, spacy electronic sounds are weaved throughout, and Coldplay even get a little experimental with the phrasing and vocal delivery. One of the reasons I love Coldplay so much is because they are so worldy. “Aliens” outlines the story of aliens fleeing their home planet and then wanting to return home. It seems pretty simple but it’s actually a metaphor for the ongoing refugee crisis-like the aliens Coldplay describes, refugees have been forced out of their mother countries. Not only is aliens socially conscious, but it’s also pleasing to the ear. Brian Eno co-wrote and co-produced the track. He was one of the architects behind Coldplay’s acclaimed album Viva La Vida.  I hope he works with Coldplay more in the future. This song is evidence that Eno and Coldplay truly bring out the best in each other.

7. Paramore-“Forgiveness”

The last track on this round up is “Forgiveness” by Paramore. “Forgiveness” is featured on their new album After Laughter. I was initially lukewarm to this track, but I’ve been listening to After Laughter a lot lately, and it has really grown on me. The track is a heartbreaker-but it’s honest( if you couldn’t tell already, I like my music honest). Due to the new developments going on within the band, the song also has so much more context than it had before. Hayley Williams’s vocals shine, the guitars are sensitive, and the backing vocals add a fullness and vulnerability that I didn’t detect until now. It also gives off major 80s vibes, which is always a good thing. This song has been, and probably will remain,on repeat for a long time.


That’s it for this round up! Have a good weekend!

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Lorde-“Melodrama” Album Review

So many artists dream of having a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100. To reach this achievement, an artist might make sure their song has the best hook, catchiest melodies, and coolest video. All of these components sound like the makings of a great hit right? Wrong, just ask Lorde.


Back in 2013, New Zealand native Lorde burst on to the scene with her smash hit “Royals” at the tender age of sixteen. The single quickly rose to number one and stayed there for quite some time. The success of “Royals” is interesting. While it had a catchy hook, it featured, at that point, a relatively unknown artist and, it did not have a glamorous video. What I find the most funny about “Royals” is that it rose to the number one spot on Billboard by, for lack of a better word, roasting numbers 2-100. “Royals” is an extremely clever song, and I’m not sure a lot of top 40 listeners ever realized this, myself included( until I did my research). The song is critical of excess and celebrity culture, so while it sounded great to the ear, it also had deeper meaning.

I was never a big fan of “Royals” when it first came out. I found it annoying, and I thought Lorde was kind of strange and stuck up.  I think at this point I misunderstood her. It wasn’t until I heard her next single, “Team,” that I began to look into Lorde more. From there, I delved into her debut album Pure Heroine, and now I can say that not only is it one of the best debut albums I have ever heard, but it is also one of my favorite albums ever. Pure Heroine was a masterpiece, and listening to it made me realize that I actually understood Lorde quite a bit. The album had excellent social commentary, honesty, and just enough teenage angst( remember, Lorde was 16 when she wrote it), but it was also so smart and mature. In the following years, I always thought “How is Lorde ever going to top this. What will she do next?” She had set the bar so high.

Well, now its 2017, and Lorde is back with her new album Melodrama. I had high hopes for this album. Let’s see what I thought of it in my track by track review.

Image result for melodrama

1. “Green Light”

“Green Light”, the first single, was a great way for Lorde to kick start her new era. I  liked the song from the start because it’s such a bop. The beginning is a bit slow for me, but soon the groovy piano takes over, and from there “Green Light” shines. As far as lyrics go, I really like the ones in this song. We all know what it’s like to wait for the green light-literally and figuratively.

2. “Sober”

“Sober” is a well produced and performed track. Lorde’s artistry is on full display throughout. The track sounds kind of sinister and frantic. “What will we do when we’re sober?” she asks throughout.

3. “Homemade Dynamite”

Again, I have to praise Lorde’s vocals and the overall production of this track. “Homemade Dynamite” tells the story of a party that got a little too crazy. Perhaps the greatest standout in this track is the flute-sounding riff that repeats throughout. The song gets a little bit repetitive, but overall “Homemade Dynamite” is a solid song.

4. “The Louvre”

I like how atmospheric “The Louvre” is. Lorde’s vocals in this song are some of my favorite of hers on the album. I like the subtle  guitar on  the verses leading up to the chorus. This kind of instrumentation wasn’t seen a lot on Pure Heroine. The lyrics are also stand outs, as they show Lorde’s personality. “They’ll hang us in the Louvre, Down the back, but who cares-still the Louvre” and “Megaphone to my chest , Broadcast the boom boom boom boom and make ’em all dance for it” are two stand out lyrical phrases.

5. “Liability”

“Liability” was the second track released from Melodrama.  It is a sweet little piano ballad, with lyrics that I can relate too as they outline the feeling of being a burden. I initially really liked the track. It even made one of my new music roundups.  However, as I listen to it in the context of the album, it’s kind of a low point for me. It’s a little bit too slow, and there isn’t enough going on . Up until this point, the album has really nice, colorful production, and then everything kind of slows to a stop once it reaches “Liability”. I’m not saying it’s bad by any means, but I wish there were more to it.

6. “Hard Feelings/Loveless”

“Hard Feelings/Loveless” is a weird track (or I guess two tracks) for me. The first track “Hard Feelings” is an atmospheric spilling of emotions. The production is good, and so are the vocals. However, I get kind of bored with it quickly. The second track “Loveless” is my favorite track in this 2-in-1 song. Melodrama is a bit more emotional than Pure Heroine, and I can’t lie, I kind of missed Lorde’s snarky attitude from her debut. “Loveless” gave me this attitude that I craved. Her lyrics are biting and she deems our generation as L-O-V-E-L-E-S-S. The one problem I have with “Loveless” is that there isn’t more of it! I would have preferred Lorde to build on “Loveless” rather than combine it with “Hard Feelings.” That would have been a great song.

7.  “Sober II (Melodrama)

To start off, I want to say that I like the melancholy feel to this song and the strings throughout. However, it is kind of slow, until the beat drops at about a minute in. That is when the song truly reaches its full potential. The fluff at the beginning seems kind of unnecessary.

8. “Writer in the Dark”

I don’t have much to say about “Writer in the Dark.” It definitely isn’t my favorite song on the album, but Lorde’s vocals really shine.

9. “Supercut”

“Supercut” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It  has such a light feeling. I’m probably getting repetitive by now, but the production and the vocals were pristine-again. My favorite lines are when Lorde repeats “In your car, the radio up.” Not bad for what fans are calling Melodrama’s “Ribs.”

10.” Liability (Reprise)”

This song is best described as a filler. It kind of sounds like “Hard Feelings” because of the chill tempo and atmospheric sound. Overall, while it’s not bad quality, I find it pretty boring.

11. “Perfect Places”

I did not like “Perfect Places” when I first heard it. I though it sounded like generic pop, but after several listens, my opinion has changed. Lorde saved the best song for last. I love the lyrics. “I’m 19 and I’m on fire” and “I can’t stand to be alone” are stand outs for me. I applaud this song for being the only song apart from “Green Light” that is memorable. I find myself humming it and remembering it the best. The other songs are good, but they don’t have quite the same staying power that this ones has. With “Perfect Places” I never have to ask myself “What did that song sound like again?” Lorde is the queen of closers.


I applaud Lorde. So many artists breakout with great debuts and then fall victim to sophomore slumps. Lorde had such high expectations to meet, and I think she did a great job with Melodrama. I always knew Lorde would be around for a while, but this release has validated that she is not a one hit  or one album wonder. Melodrama is not imperfect, but I love how it showcases Lorde’s raw talent and uniqueness. Her strangeness is her hallmark, and I think it’s so refreshing.

I couldn’t relate to Melodrama as much as I could relate to Pure Heroine, but I’m not surprised by this-Lorde is now 20 and I am still a teenager. She’s less angsty, and she’s experienced more life. With that being said, Pure Heroine will always hold a special place in my heart, but I’m happy to make room for Melodrama.

My rating: 7/10

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New Music Roundup 6/2/17

Happy Friday! I thought it was a good time to share some of my favorite tracks right now. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga-“The Cure”

I’ve never been much of a Gaga fan, but “The Cure” doesn’t disappoint. It’s really catchy and it’s probably one of the best pop tracks on the radio right now.

DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo, and Lil Wayne-“I’m the One”

I’m really liking this track and the summer vibes it gives off. The beat is good, I like Bieber’s delivery on the chorus, and the verses from each rapper go well with the song even if there isn’t much to them. I definitely see this song becoming one of the big hits of the summer.

Miley Cyrus-“Malibu”

I never thought we would see Miley Cyrus in this way ever again. She seems to be taking a new musical and personal direction. When I first heard Malibu I wasn’t feeling it. I thought it flowed kind of funny, but it has become a bit of a slow burner for me. I thinks it’s calming, catchy, and emotional(as far as radio goes). The track is perfect for summer, and I’m excited to see where Miley goes with her music.

Russ-“Losin’ Control”

I had never heard of Russ up until this point. I just realized his track Losin’ Control has been out for a year, but it is just now getting airplay, so it’s new to me. Losin’ Control is a great R&B track. It’s atmospheric and the vocal performance is great.  If you haven’t  listened to Losin’ Control I would check it out!


Thats all for this round up. I hope you have a great weekend!

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Paramore-After Laughter Review


Paramore are one of my favorite bands. In my opinion, they have never released a bad album. Paramore’s roots are mostly focused in the alternative rock/ pop-punk scene, but they have slowly moved away from that sound. In fact, their last album, Paramore (2013), saw the band slowly making a transition into a more pop oriented, new wave type of sound. Some examples of this would be their top 10 hit “Ain’t it Fun” and the power-pop/ pop rock anthem “Still Into You.” Despite the self-titled album’s poppier sound, Paramore still included plenty of alternative tracks such as “Part II,” “Now,” and “Anklebiters.”


The bands newest release After Laughter is different from their previous releases in the way that their old pop punk sound is essentially absent. However, Paramore still manages to sound like themselves, angsty lyrics and all. After Laughter is a tribute to 80’s synth pop and new wave. So yes, Paramore made a pop record, but I see nothing wrong with this. Pop music has become synonymous with bad music and this really confounds me. Anyway, bands evolve and change. I can’t expect Paramore to make the same music all of the time. There sound is different, but  Paramore still sounds alternative. The songs on After Laughter are poppy, but they are not your average pop songs that you would hear on the radio. And I can’t forget, there are still guitars and actual instruments. Many might say Paramore sold out on “After Laughter,” but I think they sound sharper and  more polished than ever before, while still maintaining their identity. Introductions aside, here is my track by track review of Paramore’s 5th studio album After Laughter.

1. Hard Times

“Hard Times” was the first single released from After Laughter. I really like this song. I think Hayley Williams does a fantastic job on vocals and the instrumentation is cool, interesting, and feet-tapping inducing. The song sounds theatrical to me and that’s what I love about it. Lyrically, I relate to it pretty well. I mean we all go through “Hard Times ” right?

2. Rose-Colored Boy

“Rose-Colored Boy” showcases on full display the 80s sound that Paramore was going for. It has become a favorite track from the album by fans and critics alike. For this reason, I found it strange that I was lukewarm to the song initially. I wasn’t a fan of the cheerleader sounding chants at the beginning of the song, and it almost sounded too throwback for me. However, after several listens, my opinion has changed. “Rose-Colored Boy” is not my favorite track on the album, but it is pretty darn good. It is catchy, and the lyrics are great, as they outline that it is hard to be positive all of the time. Who knows? Maybe “Rose-Colored Boy” will grow on me even more.

3. Told You So

“Told You So” is such a gem. I seriously think it is one of my favorite Paramore songs. The guitar riff and the bass line running through the song is electric. The lyrics are great.  This song is just wow. I really can’t put words to how much I love it.

4. Forgiveness

“Forgiveness” is a sweet little song, even though it’s also a heartbreaker. Hayley Williams delivers a soulful performance over sensitive guitars. There isn’t a lot to the track but I like it nonetheless. The 80s vibes are pretty strong in this one, and it evokes a lot of nostalgia.

5. Fake Happy

“Fake Happy” has themes similar to “Rose-Colored Boy.” We aren’t always going to be happy all of the time, so why pretend that we are? I like the lyrical content of this song-it’s honest-and Hayley Williams truly delivers on vocals. “I bet everybody here is fake happy too.”

6. 26

“26” isn’t a bad song by any means, but it just doesn’t move me like I would want it to. One of  After Laughter’s two ballads, 26 just isn’t memorable enough for me. I think as far as ballads go, Paramore has done better in the past. Nonetheless “26” is still a good song even though it fell a bit flat for me.

7. Pool

“Pool” has to be one of my favorite songs on the album. The lyrics, the vocals, the instrumentation-it’s all terrific. I love the glossy production and the bell/ chime sounds throughout.  I also love the pool metaphor.

8. Grudges

It’s funny because a lot of my favorite songs from the album are clustered together on the track listing. “Grudges” just makes me feel good, and sounds so terrifically 80s. That’s all there is to say.

9. Caught in the Middle

“Caught in the Middle” is fire. This track has perhaps the catchiest hook on the album. I love the guitars and the reggae feel. Hayley Williams’s vocal performance is pristine and I could not relate to the lyrics any more. The “I don’t need no help, I can sabotage me by myself” bridge really resonates with me and communicates how we all can be pretty self destructive.

10. Idle Worship

“Idle Worship” is probably the track that sounds most like the “old Paramore,” whatever that means. While I love Hayley’s theatrical and disjointed vocal performance, “Idle Worship” is kind of like “26” in the way that I don’t find it very memorable, but I like its message to not put people onto pedestals.

11. No Friend

“No Friend” is the worst song on the album. I’m not really sure what Paramore was going for here, or maybe I just don’t get it, but this track was kind of a let down for me. The instrumentation and the singing on it are very sub par(It should be noted that Hayley Williams isn’t singing on this track, which makes sense because she always sounds amazing). Essentially, “No Friend” just doesn’t fit with the album.

12. Tell Me How

“Tell Me How” is After Laughter’s closer. I like the song. I think it is a stronger ballad than “26,” mostly because it has more layers and a more emotive performance by Williams. It is a beautiful song, but it is also a bit unmemorable for me like some of the other tracks on this record.


Overall, Paramore delivered a very solid album. I’m not quite sure how it stands amongst the rest of their albums at this point, but I definitely liked a lot of what was happening on After Laughter. If I had any complaints it would be that some of the songs weren’t very memorable and that I feel like the 80s throwback tribute has been overdone. I mean so many artists are making throwback music at this point in time. What was very clever about this record is that a lot of the songs were actually pretty sad, but they were disguised as happy songs. I guess that’s the way to do it right? Turn bad situations into good ones. Find beauty in pain.

My Rating: 7/10

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New Music Round Up 5/5/17

It’s finally Friday! I thought I’d celebrate with a new music round up. Below are four new (or newish) songs that I am currently enjoying.

Told You So” – Paramore

Paramore strikes again! Their song “Hard Times” made my last list, and I must say that I’m pretty surprised that they released another single in such a short span of time. I am by no means complaining though. “Told You So” might be even better than “Hard Times.” It has the same throwback sound as their first single, and I am just loving it. I can’t wait for Paramore’s new album!

“Humble”- Kendrick Lamar 

“Humble” is just a great jam. It’s so catchy and I love the lyrics.  We live in a world that lacks a lot of humility, and this is what Kendrick tries to communicate. He managed to create a song that is catchy but also has a message. I’m jamming out to this right now.


“Sign of the Times”-Harry Styles

I don’t think anyone expected Harry Styles to take the musical direction that he did. “Sign of the Times” is a far cry from anything One Direction had ever done. It is an alternative song through and through, despite the fact that it’s getting top 40 air play. The lyrics are good, the vocals are good, and the instrumentation is good. It runs a little bit too long for me, but overall it’s a good song, and I like that Styles didn’t play it safe.


Drake is really overexposed right now. I feel like he’s always releasing music and sometimes there is just too much Drake. Despite this, I really like “Passionfruit.” It’s atmospheric and it has a good beat. If Drake continues making songs like this I don’t think I’ll care if he’s overexposed. Ok maybe I will, but not as much.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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New Music Round Up 4/19/17

Hi everyone! It’s been almost a month since I last updated this blog, and I think that’s pretty crazy. If I’ve learned anything in my 17 years, it is that life gets busy and does not stop for anyone-not even for a second. I have exams coming up in a couple of weeks, and the school year is beginning to wrap up, so the craziness is to be expected. Shockingly, I have found some breathing room in the midst of all the chaos, and that is why I am able to finally update!

I have been thinking about starting a new series of sorts on this blog called “New Music Roundup.” It would essentially be a brief blog post where I’d list 5 or so songs that I’m enjoying at the moment. They will either be new releases, relatively new releases, or new to me. I may even throw in some variations to this. Some weeks I may do my “top favorite songs right now,” or something like that because I don’t want to limit what I share, and new music isn’t always being released (or enjoyed by me). Ultimately, I want to share music every week, and I hope you all like it!

Now, on to the list! (These songs aren’t listed in any particular order)

     “Hard Times”-Paramore


I’m really loving this new Paramore song. It was released today with the announcement of their new album. It’s been four years since their last album, so I’m pretty excited for what is to come. Back in 2013, their self-titled album was the soundtrack of my summer, and it solidified them as one of my favorite bands and artists. Based off of this new song, the future looks bright. I love the instrumentation, the vocals, and the throwback feel.

     “Slide”-Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean and Migos

I love a good jam, and this delivers. “Slide” is relatively new; it was released about a month ago. Mostly, it’s new to me. I’ve been hearing it on the radio more and more. It’s a chill song, the beat is good, and Frank Ocean delivers on the vocals. It has summer time vibes which I love. If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out.

“Green Light”- Lorde

“Green Light” is a newish song. It was released in March, and I’ve been aware of it since it debuted. It showcases a new sound from Lorde. It’s less moody, and more lively-not that I minded her moody sound from her first album(loved it actually). Nevertheless, Lorde still sounds like Lorde even if she has departed from her old sound. “Green Light” is fun, and I like it. I can’t wait for her new album. Maybe it will rival her masterpiece Pure Heroine.


Another song from Lorde. “Liability” was released a few days after “Green Light.” It’s a sweet little piano ballad. What stands out to me most is the lyrics. I find them very relatable, and they really drive the song.


I won’t lie. The only Gorillaz song I knew prior to “Andromeda” was “Feel Good Inc”-go figure. This new song “Andromeda” was released about a month ago. I love its production and its simplicity. It’s good vibing music, and definitely makes me want to check out more of Gorillaz’s work.

Well, that’s all of the music for this week. I think I’m going to run with this music roundup idea. Hopefully you enjoyed this, and maybe discovered something new!

❤ Couturely Sound





Music in the Age of Technology

I love music. I may even consider myself an enthusiast. Like many people, music has been a part of my life since the beginning. I owe my parents for this. As a kid, whatever my parents listened to, I listened to. I can remember multiple car rides of listening to Alicia Keys, one of my mom’s favorite artists. Her albums  As I Am (2007) and The Element of Freedom (2009) were on repeat. I also had my fair share of listening to the oldies and rap music. This is credit to my dad. Christian and gospel music were also a part of my life. They still are today. Of course, I was subjected to this music. I had no choice in listening to it, but it’s cool that some of my parents’ favorites became mine.

Over time, I developed my own musical identity. There was a time before I familiarized myself with Coldplay’s entire discography, delved into the alternative scene, and Lorde’s Pure Heroine became one of my favorites. It first began with High School Musical soundtracks, Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus albums, and the Jonas Brothers. Maybe this isn’t considered legitimate music, but everyone has to start somewhere. When I was about 8 or so, I had a radio in my room that had a CD player. Some of my fondest memories are  listening to some of those Disney albums. I would listen to them when I got ready in the morning, when I cleaned my room, and when I couldn’t go to sleep at night. I still remember the day when I begged my mom for the Hannah Montana  soundtrack and the satisfaction I felt when I had a new addition to all of my CDs. I can also remember begging her for Miley Cyrus’s album Breakout in 2008. At this time I was 8, but it became the soundtrack of my life crazy as it sounds. As time went on, I eventually got rid of these CD’s and quite frankly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve bought one since. I’ve bought albums..on iTunes but it’s kind of different I guess. There is something about going to the store, buying an album, and listening to it all the way through that I really miss.

I think most can  agree that the concept of buying a physical CD is practically dead. Why go to the store and buy a CD that will cause clutter  when  several albums at a time can be bought on iTunes without even leaving bed? This is digital music. This is convenience. This is a time where  thousands of songs are at our fingertips. This is great, but there is a problem. With iTunes one would think that people are still buying albums, they are just buying them digitally. Wrong. No one really buys albums anymore. On iTunes users can pick and choose songs from an album they like without having to buy the entire album. Often singles are released separately too. However, thanks to streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, music lovers have found a way to get their music without spending a single dime.There’s also YouTube. I know that Apple Music has a subscription cost and both Pandora and Spotify have premium versions, but if it’s put into perspective, it’s only about $10-20 a month for access to thousands of songs and albums. So, not only are people only buying songs rather than albums on iTunes, but some aren’t buying music at all. A twitter poll I ran is evidence of this.

Well, what does this mean? It means that music is “dead”. I don’t mean the concept of music, but the industry as far as the artists are concerned. Artists receive compensation for their music being added to a streaming service, but it takes a way the potential amounts of money they could be making if people just bought their albums. I read somewhere that an artists had 3 million plus streams on Spotify on one of her songs and she was paid $17. This hardly seems fair. I know artists are already super rich, and their money comes from many places, but I think we forget that music actually is a product just like clothes, or books, or any other art form. Back in 2014, Taylor Swift removed her entire catalog from Spotify. Initially I thought, “Wow what a snob,” but she was actually really smart for doing this. 1989 became one of the best selling albums of the year because people had no other option but to buy her album. Adele did the same thing  by withholding 25 from Spotify for a few months and it was a smash hit. However even today’s biggest albums can’t compare with the ones of the past because music, in a money sense, doesn’t have as much value anymore.

I’m an avid Spotify user. I like that there are always new songs circulating because sometimes I get sick of listening to the music I own.  I also love its other features. Of course I enjoy having access to music for free(specifically the playlist feature), but I’m also  a teenager. I don’t have a lot of money at my dispense, but if I did I would definitely buy albums left and right. Whenever I get gift cards for my birthday or Christmas I immediately buy music . Spotify’s free version doesn’t give users free reign over the music because it isn’t actually ours. I also love listening to albums start to finish. I love the story they tell. But the thing  is, a lot of albums aren’t, to me, being made the same way anymore. They are very single-oriented. Some artists just release EPs (extended plays with 2 or 3 songs) because I assume they figured out people only want 2 or 3 of their songs anyway. Maybe it’s an attention span thing.  Hailee Steinfeld is a new artist. I love her songs “Love Myself” and “Starving” because I can appreciate pop as much as anyone. I wanted to look into her music more, but she only had an EP out, and this was disappointing to me. Music is changing. In some ways for the better, and in other ways for the worse. We can share music so much better than we ever could and so many people now I have more access than ever before. Artists also get a lot of exposure. Where things are bad is that artists aren’t really getting paid and perhaps we are taking advantage of music considering a lot of it is free. It doesn’t hold the same value it used to. Of course, these are simply things to consider. When I look at how technology is shaping our society, I like what I see but there are also things I don’t like.

I love music, and I always will. I hope it stays around forever, and I hope the industry never dies.

Happy listening,

Couturely Sound ❤