My Issues With Instagram Culture

Instagram culture, at least in the blogging or business sphere, kinda sucks. Being a content creator is like playing a game, and those that win are those that look the most inviting or have mastered the art of kissing up. Any business, company, blog, or special interest group needs to be on Instagram to reach … Continue reading My Issues With Instagram Culture


Let’s Talk About the Royal Wedding

On Saturday May 18th, Prince Harry of the British Royal Family wed Meghan Markle, an American former actress most known for her work on the  USA program Suits. Prince Harry has been deemed by the press and the public as being a bit of a rebel, so the fact that he chose Markle does make sense. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About the Royal Wedding

Celebrity Worship and What it Takes to be Famous Linked above is the video to Lil Pump’s insufferable song “Gucci Gang.” If you didn’t know, the track burned up the charts last year, and now 17 year old Lil Pump has amassed a following of 9.6 million people on Instagram. If making a hot garbage rap song is all it takes to be … Continue reading Celebrity Worship and What it Takes to be Famous

Black Friday(Thursday) and America’s Greed

I'm thankful for a lot of things. My family, my friends, God, and the resources at my dispense are some to name a few. I'm also thankful that I have a job( with the exception of yesterday haha). I decided to get a job for experience, but it was primarily for money. One could say … Continue reading Black Friday(Thursday) and America’s Greed