Fashion and Football

I won’t lie. January can be pretty grim for me. It’s cold, dreary, and gray. Not to mention, school is far from being over.

If there’s anything I look forward to in January it’s playoff football on the weekends. I am an unapologetic Patriots fan, and tomorrow they face off against the Steelers in the AFC Championship. It should be a great game; the Steelers are the perfect match up. Pittsburgh has been one of the hottest teams for the last month or so, and the Patriots are at the pinnacle of the AFC, setting out for their drive for five. I’m expecting a shootout. Of course, I’m hoping the Patriots come out on top, and I have full faith in them that they can. It will be historic that’s for sure. Both teams have a lot on the line.

In honor of tomorrow’s game, I compiled two looks for game day that are both cute and perfect for cheering on your team whether you’re on the couch or in the stands.


Tomorrow I will be watching the game from the comfort of my home, so I keep my outfits cozy. On game days, I’m typically wearing sweats, my Patriots socks, and slippers. If I really feel like it I’ll wear my beanie. Sometimes I have to take my dog out during the games so the beanie definitely comes in handy then!


These slippers might as well be my “Sunday slippers”.I’m almost always wearing them on game day!



This next look is for those fans who are either out and about on game day or lucky enough to be at the game in person.

I recently got this white vest and I love it. It’s pretty versatile; it can be worn in a sporty or girly fashion. Today I was out and about so I opted for my white vest and my beanie since it’s championship weekend. If I had the pleasure of actually being at the game tomorrow night, I’d wear something along these lines. I think it’s cute but not too much, and with a few more layers it would be enough to keep warm.

I am soooo excited for tomorrow! I can’t wait to kick back and root for my team.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Go Pats!

Couturely Sound ❤

What is it About Sports?

Getty Images/ Ezra Shaw

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Yesterday was a big day for dads and a big day for sports. My dad is a big golf fan, so he was thrilled to watch the PGA US Open, especially on Father’s Day. I can’t say that when I started watching it with him I wasn’t interested. Though golf is widely accepted as boring, I have a lot of repspect for what golfers do. It’s difficult in different ways than basketball, or football, or soccer. I didn’t watch the entire US Open, but I was able to witness some of Dustin Johnson’s last strokes to secure the title. He put out a great performance, so I would say the title was well deserved. In all honesty, the US Open wasn’t something that I had waited all week for; I didn’t even know when it was happening. I saw my dad watching it, so I just joined in.  However I was waiting in anticipation for Game 7 of the NBA Finals. After an entire season of basketball filled with a fired coach, a 73-win  record-breaking season, a unanimous MVP, media frenzy, upsets, chokes, and suspensions, I was ready. It was going to be a good battle. Steph Curry and his Warriors vs LeBron James and his titleless Cavs. All season there was kind of a rivalry between them in the media, and both parties faced lots of criticism. All of the extra stuff aside, it was an awesome game. I was nervous the entire time. I got fired up. The game stayed close, making it the most competitive game in the series, and in the final minute when both teams were tied at 89, the suspense was killing me. That is what sports should be all about! What’s the fun in a blowout? It should all come down to the wire. Kyrie Irving shot a three making the Cavs go up 92-89. LeBron shot a free throw afterwards and that pretty much sealed the deal. The Cavs dethroned the Warriors as NBA champions. I was a neutral party in the game. I’m neither a Cavs nor Warriors fan. I respect a lot of the players though, and looking at the whole picture I’m glad Cleaveland was able to pull through. They came back from a 3-1 deficit, and honestly I’m not sure LeBron wold have ever lived it down if he lost another finals. Also, Cleaveland  had never won an NBA title , and since the lovely people of northeastern Ohio are  stuck with the Browns,the Cavs needed to win a championship for the city. I was super hyped up after the game. That’s just what sports do to me even if I’m not a fan of any particular team playing.

Getty Images/ Ezra Shaw

Getty Images

The game got me thinking about how big of a deal sports are in this country and around the world. It probably impacts your everyday life more than you think because we hold a high regard for sports. We have a sports culture. During the game I was on Twitter, and of course all of the trending topics  were either about the US Open or the NBA Finals. It’s amazing how fast sporting events can get people talking and interacting. So I guess you could say sports impact social media. There’s also memes. No one will ever forget Michael Jordan as long as his crying face meme exists. Let’s just say you don’t want to be a loser because you will be a victim of Photoshop featuring crying Michael Jordan hahaha. Social media, Twitter especially, puts hater culture and bandwagons on display. Some of the memes are pretty savage, but funny all the same. There’s also snapchat filters and all of that extra stuff that contribute to sports’ dominance over the Internet.

Westwood via larrybrownsports

Sports make a lot of money. Think about how bankable it is. There’s merchandise, and tickets, and video games like 2K or Madden. The average ticket price at a Super Bowl is around $3,000 and the cheapest seat at last night’s NBA Finals was $735. To anyone who complains about the amount athletes get paid, stop watching games and buying jerseys. They  are indirectly paid by consumers when you think about it. I stopped complaining a long time ago.

And what about fashion? Numerous athletes have sneaker lines among other things. There’s an entire sports market in the fashion world. Once again, Jordan will always be remembered because of his shoes.

Image Source via Nicekicks

Sports are catalysts for social activity. They connect people in more ways than one. Think about March Madness with all of the competing brackets, or fantasy football. Sports unite cities and countries. I’m sure people in other countries have their share of hardships, but if their team wins the World Cup everything’s okay for a little while. It gives people a sense of belonging and togetherness. It gives people an identity, but it’s also a basis for stereotypes. What would a Pats fan say about person they clash with? Probably something along the lines of,”Oh they’re probably Jets fans.” Sports give us reason to throw parties and eat and talk to people. They give us something to do.

I guess my point is that sports are personified in this country and in the world alike. We value our athletes and take pride in them, putting them on pedestals. I know I do it. Why do you think countries send athletes to the Olympics (super excited for those by the way!) ? It’s to bring their country pride. I’m no sociologist, so I don’t really know what it is about sports that hypes humans up and starts bar fights. What I do know is that sports have a humongous impact on our culture, and that I love them.

AP via New York Post

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for reading!

Couturely Sound 🙂